Managed Dedicated Servers

Focus on the important stuff instead

Worrying about how your servers are doing while managing your business operations can be extremely stressful. Let a certified system administrator take care of your servers so you can focus on the business side of things. They are all fully trained and experienced, regardless of what operating system you have. In short, our system administrator will make sure your server is configured to how you need it and everything is running smoothly.

What are the benefits?

Less work for you

Allowing us to manage your server means that you are able to allocate more time and resources to something more important like your business.

Better Security

We will install, configure and manage your server's firewall and harden your system to make sure that your server is secure.

Less Downtime

By monitoring your server, we are able to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Thus, you will experience much better performance and uptime.

Faster Performance

We will configure, tweak and optimiaze your system so you can get the best possible performance out of your server.

Always Here

Support is here for you every single day of the year. That also includes the holidays, so you can rest assure that you'll be taken cared of.

Fewer Problems

We'll apply operating system and kernel updates so your server is running the latest and most secured version so exploits won't impact or damage your system.

Interested in our Managed Service plan?

Try it out for only $49.99/mo with any Dedicated Server*!

* Managed Services are only offered on Dedicated Servers located in our New York location currently.