DDoS Protection

Protect your business and keep it online from today's threats

Malicious attacks are happening around the world every minute of the day. Only time will tell when you may be the next victim of an attack. Over the past several years, online attacks have grown to an unbelievable rate. This is only due to the fact that it is incredibly easy nowadays to send an attack from anywhere around the world. Distributed Denial of Service attacks have cost online companies billions of dollars each year of lost revenue. This could endanger your business severely if you are not prepared. So will you and your business be ready if it faces an attack?

  • Automatic Detection & Filtering
  • Instant Activation
  • In-House Protection (no 3rd party!)
  • No Bandwidth Caps
  • Protection on all Dedicated Servers
  • Filtering up to 50Gbps Attacks

Stay Protected

As DDoS attacks become more common in today's world, BlazeServers makes it an effort to protect you and your business from it. All traffic coming through our network goes through a special detection system where it monitors the traffic for anything that seems sketchy. If the traffic is friendly, it will continue its way onto your server as normal. However, if the traffic has malicious intent, our detection system will automatically and instantly filter that out. In order to prevent false-positives (where good traffic may sometimes be mistaken for bad traffic), we constantly fine-tune our system to make sure that false-positives stays to a minimum. We also constantly tweak our system so it can prevent some of the newest forms of attack.

This entire system is built entirely within our datacenter. This means that we do not use any third-party solutions that will inevitably cause increase in latency for your server. Additionally, we have hundreds of gigabits of network capacity so on multiple lines so large attacks will never be a problem.

Standard DDoS Protection

All Dedicated Servers includes standard DDoS Protection that will filter out attacks up to 5Gbps and 5 million packets/sec.

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Increased Protection

Level 1

Protects against attacks up to
10Gbps + 10Mpps

+ any Dedicated Server plans

Level 2

Protects from attacks up to
20Gbps + 20Mpps

+ any Dedicated Server plans

Level 3

Protects from attacks up to
50Gbps + 50Mpps

+ any Dedicated Server plans